Common Queries

Q: Why was ‘Smithland Supply’ chosen as the name?
A: Captain John Smith is credited for naming New England. When describing the region that he discovered and explored, he wrote that this is a place for anyone who “has nothing but his hands” to make a new start and prosper. The Smithland name captures our regional heritage and allows for a brand story that will connect to the local region and hardworking nature of the people that live here.

Q: Why did myAGWAY and select Dave’s Soda and Pet City locations transition to Smithland Supply?
A: Smithland Supply will bring the same knowledge and expertise as well as product variety and competitive pricing to local New England communities. We’re elevating the in-store experience while maintaining the same great value.

Smithland Supply Lawn, Garden and Pet took notes from myAGWAY, a community staple for those seeking lawn, garden and pet supplies along with competitive pricing and expert in-store advice.

Smithland Supply Pet Center builds upon the strong foundation that Dave Ratner established and cultivated for Dave’s Soda & Pet City. These locations will offer extensive pet product knowledge and offerings, utilizing the time-tested platform Dave Ratner established in Massachusetts.

Q: What makes Smithland Supply unique?
A: Beyond the brand’s product variety, staff knowledge and expertise, and local community connection, Smithland Supply offers in-store activations and sponsored community events to help customers better understand the products, services and industries we serve.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: In most cases we accept returns within 90 days after the date of purchase. Most merchandise in saleable condition can be returned for a full refund or store credit, with the approval of the Store Manager or other approved personnel. Fresh and saltwater fish have a 5-day health guarantee. We will be happy to replace fish prior to the end of 5 calendar days, as long as the customer provides us with a receipt, and is in accordance with our fish department policy (i.e. water samples, etc.) Any pet food we recommend has an unconditional money-back guarantee. This means that we will give customers a full refund on their pet food purchases, as long as the customer provides us with a receipt. All returns, refunds, and exchanges are left to the discretion of management.


Only store managers or approved personnel may authorize a return or exchange. Refunds are made in the same pay method as the original purchase. Debit cards may be refunded as cash. If a customer purchase is paid by check, there is a 10-day waiting period for a check to clear before cash is to be refunded to a customer. NO EXCEPTIONS.



A receipt is required for any return or exchange, unless otherwise approved by authorized personnel. We can verify most purchases made in stores using our Customer Ticket History database. Generally, only purchases made under a reward club account can be readily verified at the register. If a customer does not have a receipt and the purchase cannot be verified, a Smithland Supply Gift Card may be issued for merchandise with a value of $10 or more and in the original condition and packaging. If the item has a value under $10, the return is left to the discretion of management.



Our fish are guaranteed for 5 days. Customers must submit the dead fish, receipt, and a water sample (separate from fish). If water conditions are acceptable, your fish will be replaced. If water is unacceptable, we will provide information on how to correct the problem and will replace the fish once the water conditions are acceptable. All replacements are at the discretion of the department manager. Repeated or excessive numbers of replacements are not permitted. We do not guarantee fish if they are housed in bowls (except Bettas). We cannot guarantee fish if incompatible species are housed together.

Q: Do you offer delivery service?
A: We offer local delivery for our full inventory at select locations. A fee is applied, and will be quoted based on your delivery location and number of items. Speak with a sales associate for details.

Q: How many locations will Smithland Supply have?
A: By April 2020, Smithland Supply will operate 12 store locations across the New England region. The first location to open its doors to customers as 'Smithland Supply' was in Old Saybrook, CT.

Q: Do you offer a Rewards Club program?
A: Yes. Customers can upgrade their experience with the brand’s Loyalty Program. To sign up for our Rewards Club, simply provide your name, email, home address and phone number at the register. Click here to sign up online.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Members earn points to redeem coupons for future purchases.
  • Members-only pricing and offers, early notice of sales
  • Members also benefit from frequency buy programs (buy 12, get 1 free).


It’s free and easy to sign up and your information will never be shared with third-party vendors.

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Q: How are Rewards Club points earned?
A: Customers who sign up for the rewards club and shop our stores get many bonuses in a variety of ways. Points towards $5 coupons are calculated based on the category of a product multiplied by the dollar value of the product. Items have a weighted point value of 1 point, .5, or .33. For example if a product has a category value of .5, and a rewards club customer spends $10 on items within that category, he or she earns 5 points. Throughout the year, bonus points may be applied for purchasing specific items or categories, or certain products may offer double the point value, so the customer may reach a coupon goal more quickly. Coupons are sent via email or snail mail, depending on club member's preference. Preferences may be updated at any time. See a cashier to make changes to a rewards club account.

Frequent buyer items are calculated only within participating brands of pet food, treats, or cat litter. Smithland Supply keeps track of the rewards customer's purchases, and will automatically send a coupon via email or snail mail when the customer has earned a bonus. Frequency purchases must be the same brand of food, the same size of food, and/or the same recipe, unless otherwise stated in program details. Preferences may be updated at any time. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that we have the most recent home address and/or email address associated with his or her rewards club account. See store for latest list of programs and details.

$10 store coupons are awarded for every 500 Lbs purchased within a participating brand of wild bird seed. Accumulated weights are tracked by Smithland Supply within a customer's rewards club program, and an email or snail mail coupon is automatically issued within the month that a threshold is reached. Total wild bird seed weights may be calculated across types and styles of seed. Program details may be subject to change. See store for details.

Q: What types of products are available for customers to purchase at Smithland?
A: Smithland Supply is your local, one-stop shop for:

  • Premium pet food, toys and essentials
  • Wild bird feed, feeders and homes
  • Necessities and nurseries for great yards and gardens
  • Equine, farming and homesteader supplies
  • Stylish grilling and outdoor living spaces
  • Hobby and backyard farming materials and equipment
  • At select locations – live animals (most notably birds and fish)

Q: Who are Smithland’s customers?
A: Our Customers include:

  • Pet parents
  • Homeowners
  • Gardeners
  • Farmers
  • DIYers
  • Hydroponic hobbyists
  • Grilling enthusiasts
  • Professionals: landscape contractors, small business owners, property managers
  • Equine experts: horse boarders and breeders

Q: What can customers expect when shopping at Smithland Supply?
A: Our customers can expect:

  • Unique, convenient shopping
  • Superior customer service
  • Unmatched variety and product depth
  • Exceptional product selection with brands you know and trust
  • Expert product knowledge and advice from friendly, helpful staff
  • Competitive pricing

Q: Does Smithland Supply offer coupons?
A: Each week Smithland Supply delivers members-only coupons and savings via email. Weekly updates include: Hot Buys, product samples, coupons and events, as well as tips from the experts on topics such as:

  • Pet care and training
  • Wild bird feeding and watching
  • Gardening and yard care
  • Grilling tips, tricks and recipes

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Q: Does Smithland Supply have a CSR program in place?
A: Yes, Smithland Supply gives back to local communities (along with vendors, distributors, business partners and members) in a number of ways:

Pet adoptions and fundraisers

Dog training + washing

Pet vaccinations

Free trainings and workshops

Community events

If you belong to a local organization that fosters, adopts or otherwise supports our furry friends, please send us a message! We would be happy to arrange an event or table without our stores, or promote your organization with a pet food drive. Click here to send us a message, and include the store location best suited to your needs.