Smithland Sidekicks

Non-Profits Get 5% Back
on Every Participating Purchase!*

Join the Smithland Sidekick Revolution!

Are you a local non-profit struggling to find the time and resources to raise funds for your projects? Join the 50+ organizations who are earning passive income by sending their clients and fans to Smithland Supply & myAGWAY!



How it Works:

Complete the application form for a Smithland Sidekick account. You must include proof of your 501(c)(3) status, and a contact name with whom we can follow up. Once you are approved, you will receive an exclusive discount code, and we'll mail you 2 free posters and a box of 500 business cards to hand out to anyone who might be interested in donating to your cause.

When customers shop at Smithland Supply or myAGWAY, they simply show the cashier your Sidekicks business card, or tell the cashier that they wish to donate to your organization. Upon checkout, 5% of the customer's pre-tax transaction funds are automatically added to your Sidekick account.


On a quarterly basis we tally Sidekick donations. When your balance is $5 or more, we transfer the total to a Smithland Supply gift card that you can pickup in store. When your balance is under $5, we continue to carry the total over to the next quarter until your balance reaches or exceeds $5.

* Limits may apply. Only one Sidekick code may be used per transaction. Sidekick codes may not be used in conjunction with an employee discount. Applicants must allow up to 21 business days for application processing and delivery of marketing materials.


For further details, speak with a store associate, or
Click here to send an email to Smithland Supply.

Click here to email us your application documents.


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